Vocabulaire d'anglais des affaires : expressions idiomatiques

Expression Traduction Exemple d’Utilisation en Anglais
At a loss A Perte We were finally able to sell the house but at a loss.
Bail a company out Renflouer une entreprise The government bailed out the bank in order to maintain stability in the economy.
Bankroll someone Financer quelqu’un The movie actor bankrolled his son’s first movie.
Bean counter Comptable We asked the bean counters to look at the figures in the new budget.
Bigwig Personnes importantes Some of the bigwigs of our company came to visit our factory.
Bottom drops/falls out of (something) Décrochage When the bottom fell out of the coffee market many companies had to stop doing business
Bottom out Toucher le fond The value of the stock has begun to bottom out and it should soon begin to increase in value.
Buy a stake in (something) Acheter une part AXA has just bought a stake in a Spanish insurance company.
Buy off (someone) Acheter quelqu’un The land developer tried to buy off
the politician but he was not successful
By a long shot De loin Google is by a long shot the biggest internet company.
Captain of industry Capitaine d’industrie The president of our company was a captain of industry and when he retired he was appointed to many government boards
Close out (something) Liquider The company decided to close out
the store and sell the remaining stock very cheap
Close up shop Mettre la clé sous la porte The university bookstore had toclose up shop when their rent was increased.
Cut back Réduire The company has been cutting back on entertainment expenses recently.
Cut corners Rogner sur We had to cut corners last year.
Gain ground Gagner du terrain Our company is gaining groundin its attempt to be the best in the industry
Get a break Faire une affaire We were able to get a break on the price of the paint and we saved much money.
Get a raise Obtenir une augmentation My sister works hard and she recently got a raise in her new job.
Get off the ground Décoller We were unable to get the new product off the ground but we will try again next year.
Give (someone) the green light Donner le feu vert Our boss gave us the green light to begin work on the new sales campaign.
Go public Nationaliser The stock of the Internet Company rose very quickly after the company went public.
Have a stake in (something) Avoir une participation dans The new manager has a stakein a lot of small businesses.
Heads will roll Des têtes vont tomber Heads will roll when our boss learns about the money that we have lost.
In black and white Noir sur blanc I want it in black and white not over the phone!
In short supply Etre à court de / Manquer Computer programmers are in short supply in our company
In the black Etre dans le vert / Gagner de l’argent The new company has been in the black for many years now.
In the long run Sur le long terme The company has been losing money recently but in the long run they should make a profit.
In the red Etre dans le rouge / Perdre de l’argent The company has been in the red since the price of oil began to rise rapidly.
In the works En développement The camera company has a new camera in the works but nobody knows about it.
Lay (something) on the table Mettre les choses sur la table I went to the meeting and laidmy concerns about the new product on the table.
Second a motion Soutenir une proposition seconded the motion where we decided to start one hour early every morning during the summer.
Take minutes Ecrire le compte rendu I usually take minutes at the monthly club meetings.
Preferred customer Client privilégié The man is a preferred customer and he always receives his products soon after he orders them.
Sell like hotcakes Se vendre comme des petits pains The children's toys were selling like hotcakes at the end of the year.